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Wanna Be a Geek?

Hey geeks! So, it’s official. We’re under construction. Don’t worry–Geeks isn’t going anywhere, it’s just that time: time again to re-evaluate and revamp how we’re doing. I’ve got lots of ideas to make this blog even better, and now that … Continue reading

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Hey geeks! Well, it’s here: the post about Pitchfork I promised you. Before I get to that, let me just share with you my reaction to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2… “(Sob) It (sob) …pretty much (gasp) … Continue reading

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Hurrying for Harry.

Hey geeks. Not a lot of time to type, but I wanted to update you on the reason for an absence of recent posts and why I don’t have a lot of time to type. My guess is you might … Continue reading

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Self-Indulgent Sunday: My 5 Recent Celebrity Crushes

Hey geeks–you ready for some major self-indulgence? Well, good. This week I’m going a little shallow with my post and naming my 5 recent male celebrity crushes. Don’t worry, they’ve all been chosen for more than their looks–although that definitely … Continue reading

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New York, New York!

Hey geeks. Short post because, in the words of Annie, I’m going to… NYC!!!!! Yup, it’s my first time heading to the Big Apple, and I’m super excited. The trip involves me and couple other classmates and we’ll visit numerous … Continue reading

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