About geeks.

You’ve stumbled upon The Geeks Were Right, a blog about a girl geek’s perspective on music, movies, news, TV, literature, games, folks, and life.

{They Call Me} Lindsay Scarpello, at your service. Call me either and I’ll respond.

{I Am} A senior student at Drake University studying Magazines & Writing. I am an ex-showchoir kid, a bookworm, a Harry Potter enthusiast, and of course, a geek. For more on me, including my portfolio, please visit my website at www.lindsayscarpello.com.

{The Name} “The Geeks Were Right” is a song by The Faint, an indie-electric group from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Here’s more on The Faint, including lyrics, etc., if you’re interested (which you really should be).

{The Blog} The blog began as an assignment for my Magazine writing class, and has flourished because, well, I love it. And hopefully, so do other geeks.

{Theory of Geekdom} Geeks are self-professed lovers of all things nerdy (but actually awesome), whether that be Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft–often stereotyped as pocket-protector wearers and talented physicists. This is not always true.  For instance, my knowledge of physics is limited to my knowledge of the Star Wars universe. It is, however, a common theme to vastly appreciate Darth Vader.

{Honestly} Everyone is a geek, because everyone geeks out over something. The faster you accept this and throw away your cool hat, the faster you’ll appreciate the geekness you possess–and so will other people. So get your geek on, people, and let me know about it. Perhaps I’ll geek out over it with you.

If you need to know more, read the blog!

May the geek be with you,



2 Responses to About geeks.

  1. Chelsey Orlando says:

    You’re fantastic and hilarious.
    This is great.

  2. We have a few college students online from Drake University and we love your blog postings, so well add your rss or news feed for them, Thanks and please post us and leave a comment back and well link to you. Thanks Jen , Blog

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