Wanna Be a Geek?

Hey geeks!

So, it’s official. We’re under construction. Don’t worry–Geeks isn’t going anywhere, it’s just that time: time again to re-evaluate and revamp how we’re doing. I’ve got lots of ideas to make this blog even better, and now that I’m out of school and living in a city with virtually (haha, geddit?) no social life, much more time to devote to making this the best darn geek blog it can be.

But first, I need your help.

Ever wanted to be a geek? Say no more, I’m looking for contributors. Nothing crazy–you’d really post whenever you’d like to. My plan is to start aggregating content from all over the web in order to boost traffic and start link-building with other awesome bloggers in the community. If you’re interested, leave a comment here or on Facebook, or go ahead and shoot me an email at lj.scarpello@gmail.com.

Speaking of aggregating…how do you lot feel about the theme Geeks currently has going on? Personally, I love the traditional blog style, so I’m torn. I’ve found an awesome theme (check it out here) that would be ideal for aggregating content and the general look would remain the same (same logo, header, etc.). But I love the current layout. What do you guys think? Stick with the old or go forward with the new?

So, that’s it. As far as projected timeline goes, I’m sure on how long this mega-revamp will take, but I will tell you I want it done fairly soon and, like I said, I have a lot of time on my hands. However, I do have another new blog in the works for your reading pleasure if you’re into fitness…check out Windy City Skinny if you like, as well as a redesign for my boyfriend’s business site coming up. But I will prevail!

Thanks for your support. May the geek be with you,



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5 Responses to Wanna Be a Geek?

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’d love to join you. My favorite geeky character qualities are my tendency to make social commentary while in social situations and my love of grammar. I’ve been a contributor at Austin Catholic New Media</e for a year, so you can see how I write when I'm not "at home."

    • I will check it out! Like I say in the post, I’m currently working on helping my boyfriend redesign his company’s website (as well as a million other smaller projects), but once that’s finished, it’s back to blogging I go! Is the best way to contact you through your own blog? Thanks!

  2. cupcake2eater says:

    I’d love to join you too! It’s summer and I have lots of free time! If being able to make any situation awkward within five seconds is a geek characteristic then sign me up.

    • Oh it so is! Like I told (the other) Lindsay, I’m a bit tied up at the moment but I should be getting things in motion in a few weeks or so, so I will keep you posted!


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