Winter is Coming: ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Epic

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Eh, who I am kidding–this humble little blog has never been mighty, per se, just (hopefully wonderfully) nerdy. But still, it has been some time since my last update. What can I say except that senior year is rough? If it helps, blame it on having to banish bed bugs (and move within a week), boredom, business, and of all things to not complain about, a new beau. Wow, it really has been ages. Alas, nerding out has been lessened of late (thanks, Théoden).

No more, geeks! Bountiful blogging (are you digging all of my alliteration? I don’t know what it is about B’s today) is one of my New Year’s Resolutions, and so far I’m sticking to it. And this is something I’ve been meaning to post about for a while–you guessed it: George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, the first novel in his epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the subsequent HBO television show that aired earlier this past year.

I’d been talking about reading the first book in the series and then watching the show for forever, and I finally finished the novel (thanks to two 8-hour bus rides) this past Wednesday after months of toiling through it. Blame it on my lit-heavy Writing major. Verdict: Game of Thrones is epic. And I don’t mean epic just in the sense that it’s very, very good, although that is also certainly true–instead, it’s really just epic.

The span of this book, and I’m sure the rest in the series, is incredible. It’s like Lord of the Rings but bigger, if you can believe it (with a lot more sex and backstabbing). The land is divided into Seven Kingdoms and even more across the Narrow Sea, and the plot is intricate, following the lives of several different people all split up and divided by their separate houses (families), ranks, and origins. Bottom line, it’s a lot to go into, but I’ll give you a basic summary: throughout the first novel, a lot of people are conspiring for the chance to rule The Seven Kingdoms, and from all over–the North (the Starks, and the noble protagonists), the South (the evil, rich, and very blonde Lannister clan), and even those that were exiled across the Narrow Sea to Essos (Daenerys Targaryen and her band of Dothraki warriors).

I’m barely scraping the surface, I know. Just go read it. If you’re not one for reading (tssssk–and that’s coming from someone who took months to read it all), then watch the fabulous show HBO has done. It’s ten 60-minute episodes and it’s a lush, breathtaking adaptation of the novel. The worst I could say about the show is that they cast some of the parts a little older than described in the book, but I’m sure that’s because they didn’t want to worry about depicting some of the bad things that happen to children in the novel.

Some of my favorite characters: Daenerys (badass), Jon Snow (leave him alone, Catelyn), Arya (also a badass–yay Martin for writing strong females), Tyrion (he’s a Lannister but undeniably hilarious/awesome, and Peter Dinklage plays him to perfection in the show), and many other minor characters. There’s also a lot of familiar faces in the series for any fans of British television/movies–was that HP’s Tonks I saw as Osha and Argus Filch as Lord Frey? Also, Twyin Lannister is totally in BBC’s Merlin, and I feel like there’s a toooon more.

All in all, I’m pumped to read the next book in the series, A Clash of Kings before HBO debuts the second season. Let’s hope I read this one faster than the last. Till next Friday, geeks, when I detail my other long-delayed but totally worth the wait obsession, BBC’s Doctor Who. Thank god for Christmas breaks. It’s when you get time to catch up on geeking out.

What about you lot? Fans of Game of Thrones? Who’s your favorite character? If you’re not excited yet, check out the trailer for the second season on HBO, below. I have a feeling that the voiceover has GOT to be Stannis Baratheon, Robert and Renly’s brother–and is it just me or does it sound an awful lot like David Wenham, Sean Bean’s (who this season played Ned Stark) brother Faramir in LOTR (when he played Boromir)? If only. It’s actually this guy. Anyway, the trailer:

May the geek be with you,



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15 Responses to Winter is Coming: ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Epic

  1. Someone actually just left a comment on my blog today telling me to read this. Sounds like fate to me. I’ll have to check it out!

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

  2. kaitharshayr says:

    You’ve got a lot to look forward to with the other books! Just be prepared to brace yourself! I find it so hard to know who my fave character is though, I always jump between Dany, Jon, Tyrion and Arya, so hard to choose. 🙂 And that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil anything.

    • God I know, that’s what I’ve heard! A couple of my friends are waaay ahead of me and just keep warning me to be ready for blood. It’s like a common joke that no one is safe. And all of your favorites are my favorites so I hope they last! I really like Robb, too. It doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda sexy in the show, either, haha.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. popularinker says:

    Reading it now. Epic is an understatement. I’m trying to avoid the urge to watch the show until I finish this beast, though. I know someone might be separated from their head and I don’t want to find out who until I’ve finished this beast.

    • DON’T. WATCH.

      Trust me, I waited, and I got a huge spoiler prior on accident thanks to my dad, who watched the show while it was airing. YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW.
      Just keep reading. And then talk to me when you’re done.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • Oh man are you finished yet? Did you watch the show! Let me know! …Yeah, you don’t want spoilers. Trust me.
      Thanks for your comment!


  4. Im almost finished the second book and I totally agree that it is epic! Epic times 10!! My favorite characters are also Dany, Jon Snow, Arya, and Tyrion! I haven’t watched the show yet and I think I’m going to wait until I’m finished reading the books because I’m afraid that it’s going to ruin how I picture the characters. Anyway great review! I made a book cover for the series, check it out here:

    • Nice! I wish I had been able to wait, too, but the promos for the show pretty much lead me to the books. Still, though I love Sean Bean, for reason I don’t picture him as Ned while reading the books. Eh.

      Thanks for your comment! And I’ll definitely check out your book cover.

      • I’ve only seen who plays a few of the characters and whoever plays Jon Snow was not how I pictured him at all! Still its been hard not to watch the show!

      • Definitely watch it. Season 2 is almost here! I have to finish Clash of Kings before it’s aired in it’s entirety (I always wait till I can watch it all at once). I agree with you about Jon Snow but at least Kit Harington, the actor who portrays him on the show, is pretty good-lookin’. 😉
        Thanks for your comment!


  5. Casterly says:

    Beautiful review! I love the books and the shows (my WP is dedicated to them, as you can see by my username), though my faves are veeery different. I love the Lannisters, especially Cersei, who is deeply flawed but ultimately a very human portrayal of the way highborn women are expected to live in Westeros, and despise the Starks. Why should I cheer for a man too “honorable” to save his kingdom with an underhanded trick (Eddard)?

    Awesome site, love your posts. Come visit! 🙂

    • Thank you! I need to keep up reading the books (I’ve only just started the Clash of Kings now). It’s hard when you’re reading 3+ books a week for school. Oh college life as a Writing major. I’ve heard that the Lannisters get a lot more depth in the upcoming books, particularly Jaime. I can see that for Cersei, too, so I’m excited to get to read that! Can’t agree with you about the Starks entirely, however, I do dislike Catelyn, who is a little too high and mighty for my taste. But I love Jon (he counts!), Robb, Bran, and Arya. Not sure about Sansa yet–she annoyed me in the first book/show, but she might come back. We’ll see.
      Thanks for the compliments, and I will certainly find some time to visit!
      Thanks for your comment!


  6. Dennis says:

    I’m still reading the first book, but I love it. The only thing is there are so many characters that sometimes I forget who is who.

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